RapidMathematix’s team of world-class scientists have developed algorithms that process vast amounts of input data to deliver the best recommendations in real time.


Our solutions come fully integrated with an array of IoT devices that are deployed both for data collection and for output execution inside the retail store.


Our research team is working on leveraging the advancement made in Blockchain technology, which has the capability to revolutionize the world of retail as we know it today.


Who We Are

RapidMathematix is a Silicon Valley based company with expertise in retail pricing, artificial intelligence and deep learning. RapidMathematix provides a mathematical platform to process data generated through IoT devices. Utilizing deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, we compute merchandising actions for real-time execution in a retail environment.

Merchandising Expertise

Practical Solutions with the Latest Technology.

Pricing Expertise

Our core team brings the experience of consulting on pricing and merchandising strategies for large retailers around the world.

Hardware solutions

We bring a one-stop solution that includes identification and implementation of integrated hardware and software solutions.

Store Clerk Restocking Shelves --- Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

Industry Use Cases

Making an impact across verticals.

GroceryLarge European Retailer
Convenience Store ChainLatin American Giant
Electronics RetailWarehouse style US Retailer
Image RecognitionManagement Consulting Partner

Strategy Driven

Analytics based corporate strategy framework.

While the algorithms are built to operate merchandising outputs automatically to real-time data inputs, the governing rules and constraints of the system are designed to achieve the desired outcome set by the management team of your company.

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